Jon Musgrave, Licensed Massage Therapist
Compassionate Structural Bodywork




I think of bodywork sessions as explorations that we take together through the workings of our bodyminds, moving through the tissue to discover not only the areas of constriction and pain but also the areas of freedom and vitality. My goal is then to foster a sense of space and balance in these areas of tension and stress.

Many common habitual use patterns create imbalances in our structures. Our work will focus on finding and opening these patterns, creating more balance within the system. To address these structural imbalances, my work integrates many different massage techniques, but focuses primarily on working with the connective tissues: the vastly interconnected system of fascia, tendons, ligaments, and a myriad of other structures that wind and weave throughout the body as a integrating web. My work also has a strongly energetic quality. By tapping into the subtle rhythms of the human energy field, we can work to free up some of the energetic blockages underlying much of the pains and stresses that manifest in the bodily tissues. In addition to these two, I use several other massage techniques, which are described on the Techniques page.

At every session, we will meet your body where it is at that moment in time and decide together where it makes most sense to explore. Bodywork is a subtle yet powerfully effective tool in treating a wide variety of issues, including digestive upset, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, and a host of others besides muscular tension and stress.