Jon Musgrave, Licensed Massage Therapist
Compassionate Structural Bodywork

Rates & Scheduling

Rates & Scheduling


Sessions are scheduled by appointment only. You can schedule online via the link above, or contact me directly by calling or texting 720-261-6977, or emailing me using the form on the Contact page.


  • Tuesdays - 1:30 to 8p
  • Thursdays - 1:30 to 8p
  • Fridays - 10a to 6p
  • Sundays - 10a to 4p


  • Regular session (approximately 90 minutes) - $200
  • Targeted session (approximately 1 hour) - $150
  • Long session (approximately 2 hours) - $250

Regular sessions are approximately 90 minutes long. I have found that this amount of time best serves most of my clients. Shorter, targeted sessions are available for those clients who have a financial or time conflict and need a shorter session that provides targeted work to a problem area. Be aware that these sessions tend to be more focused and less "full body" than regular sessions. 

I accept cash, check, and credit cards for payment.


Regular Sessions

  • 3 Sessions: $570 (3 month expiration)
  • 6 Sessions: $1,070 (5 month expiration)
  • 10 Session: $1,700 (6 month expiration)

Targeted Sessions

  • 3 Sessions: $425 (3 month expiration)
  • 6 Sessions: $810 (6 month expiration)
  • 10 Sessions: $1,275 (10 month expiration)


My studio is located at 87 5th Avenue, Suite 808. I am also available to do house calls for those clients who own a massage table.


Ability to Pay

Bodywork is an investment for your health and vitality. It is important to invest in your self, as postponing your health may make issues worse and more expensive to reverse in the future. That being said, bodywork might feel expensive to you, and that cost may feel overwhelming. I try to be able to work with everyone, regardless of financial situation. Please Contact me if you would like to discuss payment options.


If you would like to save time at the beginning of your first session, you can fill out this Intake Form prior to your appointment.

On-Time and Cancellation Policy

I reserve time exclusively for you when you schedule a session. When I do this, it also means that that time is no longer available for anyone else to utilize. Because of this, I ask that you acknowledge and respect my on-time and 24-hour cancellation policy. Your timely arrival is appreciated. As a courtesy to the next client, all sessions will end on time. Arriving late will reduce the length of your session. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, I kindly request 24 hours notice. Less than 24 hours notice will result in a full charge of services reserved. Please let me know in advance if you are feeling ill and are unsure if you will be able to make your session. Cases of emergency will be assessed individually. As a courtesy to you, I will also provide advance notice if I am ill or in case of emergency.