Jon Musgrave, Licensed Massage Therapist
Compassionate Structural Bodywork


I started seeing Jon about 2 years ago after a bad car accident. Prior to seeing him I had 8 weeks of physical therapy with only minor improvements. After just a few sessions with him, I started to feel better, less neck pain and full range of motion in my shoulder. His way of massage and body work is unlike any I’ve ever experienced. He is not the “no pain, no gain” therapist, he uses techniques that don’t hurt, but heal. Even though I have recovered from my accident and do not have any issues from it, I still see Jon on a consistent basis. Sometimes for minor pain points my body is suffering or sometimes just for 90 minutes to relax and become more in tune with my body. Every session is different and I always learn something new. More recently I’ve been struggling with chronic migraines and Jon has been able to help relieve some of the migraine pain I have been suffering through massage and energy work. Jon listens and truly cares about me, my healing and is passionate about what he does. I know I would be in a completely different place in my recovery and migraines if it wasn’t for him.
— A.S., Retail Manager
Before I met Jon my body awareness was nonexistent. Initially I was afraid to invest in massage therapy because I was unsure if the benefits were long term or if it was simply immediate but momentary relief. While the immediate relief is striking—seriously, my shoulders drop an inch after a session—I’ve also seen lasting effects in my day-to-day life. He has helped me cultivate an awareness of and attunement with my body, greater than my yoga practice could achieve on its own. SO grateful!
— C.C., philosopher

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Life changing and rejuvenating — not your ordinary massage!
I have always been active and was starting to feel that my age was catching up with me. After seeing Jon, I feel young and vital again. He has the expertise to help people with injuries. I have no cartilage in my left hip and had a pronounced limp. Jon played an important role in helping me to walk with no limp. Need I say more? Well, I will. I recommended him to three of my friends, each of whom who was experiencing neck and back pain. They all had a positive experience as well.
— L.F., Lawyer
I have been going to Jon for 3 and a half years at this point. Unlike lots of massage therapists out there who pretty much have one routine and set of skills which can only make you feel a little bit better, Jon looks into the problem and works on it in all kinds of ways—and even follows as it improves. On top of that, Jon is extremely knowledgable about the human body and is able to explain lots of questions one might have, and is able to suggest constructive solutions for outside of the session. Don’t miss Jon!
— k.k., stylist and designer